[PyQt] Thematic Feed Reader / News Aggregator

David Cortesi davecortesi at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 13:12:21 BST 2014

> From: Pietro Moras <studio-pm at hotmail.com>
> Subject: [PyQt] Thematic Feed Reader / News Aggregator

> Since one year now, for some reasons, Google Reader has been discontinued.
> Any idea what other Feed Reader / News Aggregator could be a valid source
> of updated news...

I replaced google reader with RSS Owl (http://www.rssowl.org/).
It will aggregate anything with an RSS or Atom feed, so, whatever
you were following before.

Planet Qt (http://planet.qt-project.org/rss20.xml) has news about Qt
development and new features. What others were you following?
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