[PyQt] Can't 'make' PyQt5 on a clean Mac OS 10.9

lloyd konneker bootch at nc.rr.com
Sat Jul 5 13:00:36 BST 2014

Try, in your shell, before building static python:


The explanation is: __sincos_stret is an optimization that is a new 
feature of 10.9.
When you built Python without that, it targeted 10.9 and referenced the 
optimization (which is defined in the OSX SDK 10.9 headers?)
Now when you are building PyQt, it is targeting 10.8, linking to Python 
libraries that reference __sincos_stret, and linking to SDK 10.8 
libraries, which don't contain __sincos_stret.
Something like that.

BTW, I mentioned this in an offhand way in an earlier post here.

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