[PyQt] “Eric-Hg Tech.Report” as a model--An inquiry

Pietro Moras studio-pm at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 3 03:03:18 BST 2014

Potential usefulness 
   and interest is the parameter we'd like to evaluate before possibly undertaking another such a task:  
That's the purpose of this inquiry. Thanks.
 - P.M.
Taking the whole “Eric Tech.Report” collection as a model(*), 
[see Eric Documentation:  http://eric-ide.python-projects.org/eric-documentation.html ]  
and, in particular, the last issue about Mercurial in Eric, we wander what other s/w product of interest for you you'd possibly like to see thoroughly tested and described this same way. 
That said in particular to:  Tech. Writer Agencies, User Teams or Associations, Producers.  
See you. 
 - P.M. 
(*)  Would you not accept this premise, you're kindly requested to ignore this post. Thank you.

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