[PyQt] How to add ftp put function in PyQT network ftp demo

Robert Kent rob at gulon.co.uk
Tue Jul 1 11:50:24 BST 2014

You need to keep the handle to your QFile object in scope. The put() method
returns straight away and the data to be put is added to a queue and
uploaded in the background. Your selectFile() method returns straight away
therefore your upload_file object goes out of scope before it can be sent.
Simply changing upload_file to self.upload_file will solve your problem.

Hope this helps ;o)

From:  不坏阿峰 <onlydebian at gmail.com>
Date:  Tuesday, 1 July 2014 03:30
To:  <pyqt at riverbankcomputing.com>
Subject:  [PyQt] How to add ftp put function in PyQT network ftp demo

I want to modify the pyqt network ftp demo to include an upload function,
but I am failing. Could someone can show me how to do this? I have tried to
add this code, but it does not work. [Orignal

self.uploadButton = QtGui.QPushButton("upload")
self.uploadButton.clicked.connect(self.selectFile)def selectFile(self):
    self.filename =QtGui.QFileDialog.getOpenFileName()
    up_fname = re.sub(r".*/","",self.filename)
    upload_file = QtCore.QFile(self.filename)
    self.ftp.put(upload_file, up_fname)
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