[PyQt] pyqtdeploy not cross compiling package sip, target iOS, host OSX, using Qt5.4

lloyd konneker bootch at nc.rr.com
Mon Dec 29 15:45:05 GMT 2014

I think I followed the instructions carefully but at the link phase of my app (in Xcode) it complains that sip.a is not built for armv7 architecture.  

This is a log of cross building sip using the latest snapshot of pyqtdeploy:

Peters-iMac:sip-4.16.5 bootch$ pyqtdeploycli --package sip --target ios-64 configure
Peters-iMac:sip-4.16.5 bootch$ python3 configure.py --static --sysroot=/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot --use-qmake --no-tools --configuration=sip-ios.cfg
This is SIP 4.16.5 for Python 3.4.2 on darwin.
Reading configuration from
The sip module will be installed in
The sip module will be built as a static library.
The sip.h header file will be installed in
The default directory to install .sip files in is
Creating siplib/sip.h...
Creating siplib/siplib.c...
Creating siplib/siplib.sbf...
Creating sipconfig.py...
Creating top level .pro file...
Creating sip code generator .pro file...
Creating sip module .pro file...
Peters-iMac:sip-4.16.5 bootch$ ~/Qt/5.4/ios/bin/qmake sysroot=/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot
Peters-iMac:sip-4.16.5 bootch$ make
cd siplib/ && ( test -e Makefile || /Users/bootch/Qt/5.4/ios/bin/qmake /Users/bootch/ios/Downloads/sip-4.16.5/siplib/siplib.pro sysroot=/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot -o Makefile ) && /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/make -f Makefile 
cc -c -pipe -Os -w -DNDEBUG -DSIP_STATIC_MODULE -I. -I/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4 -o siplib.o siplib.c
cc -c -pipe -Os -w -DNDEBUG -DSIP_STATIC_MODULE -I. -I/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4 -o apiversions.o apiversions.c
cc -c -pipe -Os -w -DNDEBUG -DSIP_STATIC_MODULE -I. -I/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4 -o descriptors.o descriptors.c
cc -c -pipe -Os -w -DNDEBUG -DSIP_STATIC_MODULE -I. -I/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4 -o qtlib.o qtlib.c
cc -c -pipe -Os -w -DNDEBUG -DSIP_STATIC_MODULE -I. -I/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4 -o threads.o threads.c
cc -c -pipe -Os -w -DNDEBUG -DSIP_STATIC_MODULE -I. -I/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4 -o objmap.o objmap.c
cc -c -pipe -Os -w -DNDEBUG -DSIP_STATIC_MODULE -I. -I/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4 -o voidptr.o voidptr.c
cc -c -pipe -Os -w -DNDEBUG -DSIP_STATIC_MODULE -I. -I/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4 -o array.o array.c
c++ -c -pipe -Os -w -DNDEBUG -DSIP_STATIC_MODULE -I. -I/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4 -o bool.o bool.cpp
rm -f libsip.a
ar cq libsip.a siplib.o apiversions.o descriptors.o qtlib.o threads.o objmap.o voidptr.o array.o bool.o
ranlib -s libsip.a
Peters-iMac:sip-4.16.5 bootch$ make install
cd siplib/ && ( test -e Makefile || /Users/bootch/Qt/5.4/ios/bin/qmake /Users/bootch/ios/Downloads/sip-4.16.5/siplib/siplib.pro sysroot=/Users/bootch/ios/iRoot -o Makefile ) && /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/make -f Makefile install
cp -f libsip.a /Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/lib/python3.4/site-packages/libsip.a
cp -f /Users/bootch/ios/Downloads/sip-4.16.5/siplib/sip.h /Users/bootch/ios/iRoot/include/python3.4/sip.h
Peters-iMac:sip-4.16.5 bootch$ 

It seems that it is not cross compiling.

Xcode 6.1.1
sip 4.16.5
pyqtdeploy latest snapshot

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