[PyQt] Compiling commercial version of PyQt5 5.3.2

Gianluca Romanin romaninz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 15:41:52 GMT 2014

Hi all,

my company buyed a commercial license of PyQt5 and I need to compile it for
Windows platform.
I can't find an exhaustive tutorial or document for compilation of PyQt5 on
It is not clear to me what version of the compile support software I need:

- Visual Studio: version? Can I use the express edition?
As far as I know Python is build with VS2010, I have to use VS2010 too or I
can use a newer version?
- Qt 5.3: can I use the precompiled from the website? I intend to
use Qt with LGPL license.

I can suppose the following procedure:

- install Visual Studio version X
- install Qt 5.3 precompiled (or compile it)
- unzip sip, compile and install with pyqt-commercial.sip file somewhere
- unzip PyQt5, compile and install with pyqt-commercial.sip file somewhere

Could someone detail more?

Thank you,
Best regards,

 Gianluca Romanin (aka J_Zar)
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