[PyQt] Fwd: Problem with QImage.bits().asstring

Andrea Griffini agriff at tin.it
Sun Dec 7 14:38:35 GMT 2014

On arch linux (sip 4.16.4, pyqt4 4.11.3-1, pyqt5 5.3.2-1) I'm getting the

    SystemError: Bad call flags in PyCFunction_Call. METH_OLDARGS is no
longer supported!

on Python 3.4.2 when using QImage.bits().asstring(...) call, with
both PyQt4 and PyQt5.
The code works fine with Python 2.7.8.

To see the problem just evaluate

    from PyQt4.Qt import QImage

If the asstring function is now not supported what is the substitute for it?

Andrea Griffini

PS: Sorry if this message has been sent before, I realized I used the wrong
sender address.
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