[PyQt] Type name for a function / callable when defining a signal

Baz Walter bazwal at ftml.net
Tue Aug 26 23:04:27 BST 2014

On 26/08/14 22:25, Bryan A. Jones wrote:
> All,
> A simple question -- I'd like to define a signal which expects a function
> (or any callable) as an argument to the signal. I'm accustomed to defining
> signals with other parameters, such as
> signalName = pyqtSignal(int, str, list, dict)
> What's the type for a function?
> signalName = pyqtSignal(def?) # nope; not 'function' either.

You could use the types module from the stdlib:

     signalName = pyqtSignal(types.FunctionType)


     signalName = pyqtSignal(types.MethodType)

But simplest would be:

     signalName = pyqtSignal(object)

Baz Walter

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