[PyQt] py2exe on windows

Afief Halumi afief.h at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 00:29:50 BST 2014


After the good experience I had with pyqt5 on Linux I decided to give it a
shot on Windows. I was able to build the application easily enough (using
qtwidgets and qtsql), but I am having issues deploying it.

py2exe generated a folder with a lot of dll files, but it didn't include
the necessary plugins, copying the contents of the plugins/ directory into
the executable's directory seems to have helped (no longer getting a
message that qt's windows plugin is missing) but now the application simply
crashes as soon as it starts. The error message it displays is an
uninformative "program.exe stopped working". I tried to run the executable
from the commandline in the hopes of catching some output telling me what I
did wrong, but nothing was displayed.

I know this is not a "learn to develop on windows" mailing list and
apologize for asking this here, but the problem seems so pyqt related that
I was hoping that I see nowhere else I can turn.

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