[PyQt] Create PyQt5.2.1 with qmlscene portable [question]

Mahmoodreza Aarabi madoodia at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 17:22:33 BST 2014

hi guys
i am using python 2.7 but i can't find PyQt5.2.1 for it, so i got PyQt5.2.1
source code and built it for myself in my labtop(win 8 x64).it works here
and everythings is ok.

but problem here that i have a client that i want give him a GUI
application that created qith QML (Qt5.2.1) and python (for its logic).and
i want that this application works okey on his system, without any bug, so
i have now PyQt5 folder in my site-packages and i want just give him this
PyQt5 folder with all libs,exe files,and qml folder, and plugin folder (for
platform) and qmlscene.exe files

but when i put this built PyQt5 in another PC it can't run qml files.and
give some error.

i need this feature, please help me.



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