[PyQt] Use of main() function makes otherwise identical program crash

rj_pyqt_qwzqfors rj_pyqt_qwzqfors at objectmail.com
Tue Apr 22 16:03:09 BST 2014

I have attached a small sample PyQt program which works.
However, if you make the change mentioned in the comments, it crashes when you close it, and I don't understand

The program has a QMainWindow which contains a statusbar, which
    contains a toolbar, which contains a slider.

The only difference
between what works and what doesn't, is that the one that crashes has a main() function,
    while the one that works does not.


    (The reason why the slider is inside a toolbar is because in the
    application I am developing, I have some toolbar buttons along with


    Why does this make any difference? It seems very odd to me. Is this
    a bug?


    -- Timothy


    P.S. I am running PyQt GPL v5.2.1 for Python v3.3 (x32) on Windows
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