[PyQt] How to precisely control position/size of QDockWidgets

rj_pyqt_qwzqfors rj_pyqt_qwzqfors at objectmail.com
Tue Apr 22 15:42:01 BST 2014

I am rewriting a wxPython application in PyQt that needs to use
    several QDockWidgets. I am struggling to understand how to be able
    to precisely control their position and size.


    My program's layout contains two vertical dock windows and one
    horizontal one. I want the horizontal one to be between the vertical
    ones. But in PyQt, the horizontal one is underneath the vertical
    ones, and goes the whole way across the screen. I cannot figure out
    how to change this. I have attached a screenshot showing what I


    I also cannot figure out how to specify the default width of height
    of the dock windows. Could someone please help me with this?


    Thank you.


    -- Timothy
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