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Mathias.Born at gmx.de Mathias.Born at gmx.de
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In case you are on M$-WIndows, I'd like to mention a nasty bug in Visual C++ 2012
that took me days to dig out of google:


In short: when you embedd the python interpreter into an application compiled
as "WINDOWS" (not as "CONSOLE"), the operating system doesn't create stdin,
stdout and stderr. They just don't exist, which is perfectly normal for a Windows
GUI app. This is checked by Python. Older
versions of the MS runtime lib correctly reported these streams missing.
However, the runtime lib of VS2012 reports they exist even though they don't,
which finally raises an exception and prevents Python from initializing.

Microsoft knows:


It might be possible that mingw users also run into this issue because it
relies on the MS runtime lib, too.

Best Regards,

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