[PyQt] build & packaging tool for pyqt project

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Wed May 8 11:15:00 BST 2013


I'm considering what to use for build_system/pacakger for multi-platform
Py3(Qt) project using cffi-generated bindings for 3rd party C library and
ability to build docs - HTML & PDF (user manual) written in reST/Sphinx?

There are tools like SCons/Waf as well as Bento
(http://cournape.github.io/Bento/) which has its own simple build system (for
building python bindings) and even Waf back-end and serves as packaging

Otoh, I just noticed that setuptools & distribute will merge, so the whole
situation does not seem to be very clear.

Any recommendation what to use for the above, I assume, typical Py3Qt4(5)


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