[PyQt] question about combobox

Vincent Vande Vyvre vincent.vandevyvre at swing.be
Fri Jul 5 17:51:04 BST 2013

Le 05/07/2013 17:32, Frank Schiro a écrit :
> Hi. I cant find documentation about this online, and a simple 
> dir(self.combobox) shows about a million built in functions...
> So I was wondering what function do I need to use to change the combo 
> box to what I want it to be ? If the combo box has 3 choices a,b,c and 
> I want to set it to b when the user presses a button, what function do 
> I need to call on the combo box to do this ?

with setCurrentIndex(index)


If you don't have the index, you can find it with findText(text)


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