[PyQt] Segfault with QSerialPort and signals

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Thu Dec 5 16:08:31 GMT 2013

I'm currently struggling with a segfault I'm getting when using
QSerialPort and emitting a signal, with Windows XP SP3, Python 3.3.3
and PyQt5 5.1.1.

I did some minimal example code which triggers the behaviour:

When I run this and receive a byte via the serial port, I get an
"Access violation" (aka segfault) in qt5serialport.dll. Sometimes it
happens when clicking "Start" the first time, sometimes after the
second time.

Some things I observed so far:

 - The signal needs to have a bool/int as first parameter, and some
   other parameter -- otherwise it doesn't seem to trigger.

 - When I emit the signal _before_ the port has been closed
   (self.ser.close()), it doesn't seem to trigger.

 - On Linux (Archlinux, Python 3.3.2, PyQt 5.1.1) I can't reproduce
   this, but after starting a second time, I always get
   "QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket specified".

What gives? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug in [Py]Qt


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