[PyQt] Crash in frozen PyQt5 app

Glenn Ramsey gr at componic.co.nz
Fri Aug 30 04:13:29 BST 2013


When running the following test app on OSX (10.8.4, PyQt 5.1 snapshot + Qt 5.1.1)


I get a crash when it is frozen using PyInstaller but not when it is not frozen. 
The crash occurs in QQuickView::setSource(...)

A stack trace for a very similar test app is here http://pastebin.com/ZhqZFPxG

Inspecting it in the debugger shows that the cause of the crash is that 
QCoreApplication::instance() returns 0 and in the stack trace shows the abort 
caused by a Q_ASSERT that I put in to check that.

Any ideas about what could be happening here?


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