[PyQt] PyQt Drag and Drop

Shoemaker, Ronnie A (N-UNITED SPACE ALLIANCE, LLC) ronnie.a.shoemaker at lmco.com
Thu Mar 22 19:46:12 GMT 2012

Now I am looking at the code posted here.

It works fine as is on my PC, but I am having trouble learning how to debug signals that don't happen.
This may be a namespace problem that I don't understand, but I wanted to separate the classes into different files, but when I move the PyMimeData class into a separate .py file and import it the drag works, but it never shows any animation and never finds an acceptable drop target.

I am trying print statements and the Idle debugger, but am having trouble tracking the signals. Looks like I might have to go into the base classes to figure out what is going on.  Or is there some basic namespace rule that I am overlooking?


ronnie.a.shoemaker at lmco.com

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