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Okay, I will narrow the scope of this question for now.

I am playing with the draggablewidgets demo in PyQt4. What is the secret to getting different images into that app or how do I create a PNG image that it will load?

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Hi. I am a new member of this mailing list. I am writing a GUI in PyQt4 that will use drag and drop of images to put a simulation together.
I found one drag and drop example that uses QLabels loaded with png files.  I need to be able to draw my own images or at least load other types onto my GUI.
I found some .ico files and tried to load them and they didn't work. I even loaded them into MS Paint and saved them as PNG files and they didn't load and gave no error message. Where can I find a tutorial or examples on how to do drag and drop and/or what I need to know about images to do that?  I can start with pictures as simple as geometric shapes, rectangle, triangle, etc.  I have done lots of googling and info that is either too specific or too general.


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