[PyQt] How to exclude the Lineedits in QSpinbox

mani kandan mankand007 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 14:08:46 BST 2012

I have a function to check if the selected type of children of a widget
have been filled or not. Here is the code:

    def fillCompleted(self, parent, combo=True, spin=True, dspin=True,
        '''Checks if all fields in a parent widget have been filled'''
        filledCompletely = True
        if combo:
            for x in parent.findChildren(QComboBox):
                if x.currentIndex() == 0:
                    filledCompletely = False
                    print 'combo'
        if spin:
            for x in parent.findChildren(QSpinBox):
                if x.cleanText() == "":
                    filledCompletely = False
                    print 'spin'
        if dspin:
            for x in parent.findChildren(QDoubleSpinBox):
                if x.cleanText() == "":
                    filledCompletely = False
                    print 'dspin'
        if line:
            for x in parent.findChildren(QLineEdit):
                if x.text() == "":
                    filledCompletely = False
        if not filledCompletely:
                                "Data Incomplete",
                                "Please fill all the fields!")
            return 0
        return 1

I called this function with
        if self.fillCompleted(self.purItmSel.currentWidget(),
As you can see, I told it to exclude spinboxes and doublespinboxes from

However, while checking, it considers the lineedits in these spin/double
spin boxes as lineedit, and validate them too.

How do I classify between the acual lineedits, and lineedits of the
spin/double spinboxes?

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