[PyQt] Qt5 roadmap?

Hernan Grecco hernan.grecco at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 18:42:38 BST 2012

> Current PyQt4 snapshots build against the alpha release of Qt5 (QtCore and
> QtGui modules only at the moment). This will allow you to run your current
> PyQt4 code with Qt5. You will get any speed improvements, bug fixes etc in
> Qt5 but not any of the new functionality.
> There will be a PyQt5 that will support the new functionality of Qt5, and
> reflect its different structure (eg. QWidget will be in PyQt5.QtWidgets
> rather than PyQt4.QtGui). Backwards compatibility with PyQt4 will not be
> maintained.

Is there going to be any support for selecting Qt4 or Qt5 via flag
(like sip.setapi) o are you planning to at some point make a PyQt5
package that uses only Qt5 while PyQt4 only uses Qt4?



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