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wolf python london lyh19901223 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 11:41:30 BST 2012

On 17 June 2012 09:22, 水静流深 <1248283536 at qq.com> wrote:
> my system is debian 6.0.4
> 1.i have installed qt
> download qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.2
> extract it
> cd ./qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.2
>  ./configure
>   make
>  make install
> 2.when i install my pyqt
> 1)download  PyQt-x11-gpl-4.9.1
> 2)cd ./PyQt-x11-gpl-4.9.1
> 3)root at debian:/home/debian/PyQt-x11-gpl-4.9.1# python  configure.py
> Error: Make sure you have a working Qt v4 qmake on your PATH or use the -q
> argument to explicitly specify a working Qt v4 qmake.
> root at debian:/home/debian/PyQt-x11-gpl-4.9.1#  find  /  -name 'qmake*'
> /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.8.2/bin/qmake
> (omitted many outputs)
> it look like everything is installed.
It(qmake)  indeed get installed, but  is not in your PATH.
$ echo  $PATH
to see whether it contains   /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.8.2/bin, if not
add it into your PATH.

> how can i install  pyqt in my debian?
I still suggest installing pyqt via dpkg or aptitude. It's not the
latest, but can save you much time.
One problem is it doesn't support python3, you can only  use PyQt4 in python2.
# aptitude install  python-qt4  pyqt4-dev-tools

BTW, Debian testing and unstable ships latest PyQt4  and it supports python3.

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