[PyQt] recommendations for automatic testing of pyqt applications

Gelonida N gelonida at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 22:03:53 BST 2012


Im having a self written pyQT applciation.

Now I wondered how I could easiest apply automated test.

Something like:
- start application
- wait till a certain scren is visible.
- check now, that five buttons are visible and check that
   two of the buttons are grayed out.Check also that each button has a 
size greater than a given specified size and that the buttons are aligned.
- then click one button and verify, that a dialog pops up.

Not having done automated testing of a PyQt APP I wondered whether 
something like above descriped test could be implememnted

Is there a way to determine at any given moment what widgets are visible 
and which coordinates they have?

Would there be any way to just log or monitor all widgets and the 
signals they emitted?

Is there any existing testing framwork for such tasks or would I have to 
start from scrratch.

Thanks a lot for any info / suggestions.

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