[PyQt] Problem with icons

Szabo, Patrick (LNG-VIE) patrick.szabo at lexisnexis.at
Thu Jul 12 15:23:17 BST 2012


I'm using Python 3 and Qt 4.8.2
The icons I'm setting and images in general work fine on my development
machine but on any other machine they are not showing up. 
I've tried absolute and relative paths and now even with the
resource-system but they just won't show up. 

I do the following e.g.:



self.movie = QMovie(":loader/load.gif", QByteArray(), self)

I compiled the resource-file into a py with pyrcc4 and just importet it
like this:

import meta_ress

The compiled file is obviously named meta_ress.py. 

The systems that run the app are using a python install folder from a
network drive and do not have python or pyqt installed locally. 

Any ideas ?

The entire code of the Gui: http://pastebin.com/zN5XvYMQ 

Thanks in advance...

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