[PyQt] Old vs New Signals

John Floyd jfloyd at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jul 8 08:43:55 BST 2012

Note Corrected Subject (was New vs New ...  sorry)

I have 2 cases where I am having difficulties in PyQwt signals.  Since my 
original post I have investiagted the PyQwt code a bit closer and the 
following comes from that.  The previous discussions helped me in looking 
further into the problem.

1) a c++ typedef variable appears to cause problems

	The old style signal works
	self.picker.connect(picker,SIGNAL('selected(const QwtPolygon &)')

   however the new style signal does not work.


Reported error
	NameError: global name 'QwtPolygon' is not defined

Yet the MetaObject lists the following as a signal signature

The reasoning appears to be that in the c++ code QwtPolygon is typedef'ed from 
QPolygon. Shouldnt this be handled?

2) Problems with template argument the signal definition. For example

		SIGNAL('selected(const QwtArray<QwtDoublePoint>&)'), self.slot)

returns an error
	TypeError: C++ type 'QwtArray<QwtDoublePoint>' is not supported as a slot 
argument type

The signature is listed in the GmetaObject.

In the sip code QwtArray<QwtDoublePoint> is MappedTyped as 
QwtArrayQwtDoublePoint - using this as the signature as below returns yet 
another error

		SIGNAL('selected(const QwtArrayQwtDoublePoint&)'), self.slot)
and also as a new signal

TypeError: connect() failed between selected(QwtArrayQwtDoublePoint) and 

Phil Thompson has said that in this case the python code should accept the c++ 
signature but it does not.

Intriquingly the definition of QwtArray is also a c++ typedef in the Qwt code.

The trouble is that for this particlar picker class, the selected signal is 
overloaded multiple times so the signatures are necessary.

Any further help is appreciated.  


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