[PyQt] QStandardItemModel: problems with non-string data

Sibylle Koczian nulla.epistola at web.de
Wed Jul 4 12:24:35 BST 2012


I want to show records containing a numeric field and a date field in a 
  QTableView connected to a QStandardItemModel.

The numeric field: if that gets its value from a floating point literal, 
this value is displayed in the view. If the value comes from a database 
table the view column is empty. The database column is Numeric(9,2), the 
RDBMS is PostgreSQL.

If I create the QStandardItem for the date column using a Python 
datetime the view column is empty. If I use a QDate it's displayed 
correctly. This is independent of the data source. I don't understand 
it, because the documentation for QDate says: "A Python date object may 
be used whenever a QDate is expected". Same thing for datetime objects. 
And there is no direct conversion from a Python date or datetime to a 
QDate or QDateTime.

I can send an example if necessary - but changing the database to SQLite 
might alter the behavior, and everything else would need adapting.

Python 3.2.3, PyQt4 4.9.4, Windows 7 (64 bit, german - might this be a 
localization issue?).

Thank you for hints,

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