[PyQt] Polikom Pro: PYQT

Igor Chernikov IChernikov at polikom.ru
Tue Jul 3 11:31:18 BST 2012

Hello, we  need to resell PYQT4 Commercial License  (1 unit) to our client in Russia. Could you please indicate some conditions of work for us.(price etc.)

Best regards, Igor Chernikov.
"Polikom Pro" sale manager.

195197 Russia Saint-Petersburg Polustrovskij str. 59 letter "Ch"
phone:      +7(812)320-5194; +7(812)325-8400
fax:    +7(812)320-5686
e-mail:  IChernikov at polikom.ru
http:     www.polikom.ru
icq:        363035989

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