[PyQt] audio tags in QWebview

Peter Bienstman Peter.Bienstman at ugent.be
Thu Feb 16 18:33:42 GMT 2012


Upon upgrading to PyQt 4.9.1 Python 2.7 Win 32 bit from PyQt 4.8.6-1, audio 
tags in QWebview no longer work:

import sys
from PyQt4 import QtWebKit, QtGui
a = QtGui.QApplication(sys.argv)
w = QtWebKit.QWebView()
w.setHtml("audio test<audio src='file:///C:/test.mp3' controls autoplay>")

The control is not displayed, and there is no sound to be heard...

This is probably related:


Since PyQt seems to bundle its own version of Qt, I was wondering if it's 
somehow possible for PyQt to fix this without waiting for a new Qt release?

Thanks for looking into this!


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