[PyQt] spreadsheet example

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sat Feb 11 00:36:14 GMT 2012

Hi Phil,

while I'm seriously overloaded at the moment (a bunch of people are much 
harder to organize then code), I did some relaxations by converting 
another fine Qt example. As usual, I couldn't resist in pimping it up 
in some minor ways. Most prominently, I added a way to change the date 
format globally. Also, a workaround to fetch the correct cell 
background color is applied.

One thing escaped me, though: the SpreadSheetItem.clone() method. It is 
finalized with an instance pointer assignment in C++. I've experimented 
with the baseclass clone call, which resulted in a strange:
item = super(SpreadSheetItem, self).clone()
RuntimeError: underlying C/C++ object has been deleted
but since this doesn't seem to be intented in the original version, feel 
free to ignore this.

Anyway, this example shows the powers of Qt in some nice ways. Hopefully 
you can include it in the upcoming release.


python: 2.6.2
sip: 4.13.1
qt4: 4.7.1
pyqt4: 4.9
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