[PyQt] Drawing recursive arrows

Jeffrey Spies jspies at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 16:04:06 GMT 2012

I'm working on open source software that is basically a graphviz GUI,
where nodes (circles, squares, diamonds; QGraphicsItems) are connected
via arrows. I have that working. However, I'd like an arrow that
points to a single node like in the attached image.  Has anyone (1)
created these recursive sorts of arrows and (2) created them in such a
way as to dynamically adjust to the surface of the QGraphicsItem? If
not, can anyone suggest ways to accomplish this functionality?  For
example, the arrows would "stick" to the surface of any node (circle,
square, or diamond)?  It would be nice, if this arrow could be moved
around the surface of the node (circle, square, diamond, etc.), such
that it wouldn't always sit on top, but could moved to the sides.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to hearing your implementations or
opinions on ways to do this.

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