[PyQt] QDialog Form Show Possible Race Condition?

John V. Busch jbusch at dataverve.com
Wed Apr 11 17:26:09 BST 2012

I have a bug that only occurs when I am NOT debugging.

I am very new to pyQT, so please forgive if this is something obvious.

The following code is called from another QDialog class upon a particular
button click.

            newServiceForm = QDialog()
            newServiceUI = Ui_Dialog()


If I set a breakpoint anywhere in this method the newServiceForm displays
with no issue; however if I allow the application to execute naturally, the
form never displays.

I am assuming there is some race condition here internal to QT that is
being created likely due to my misuse.

Any advice would be great as this has been puzzling me for some time now,
and as I get ready to release my application to testing it is becoming
increasingly important to not use my "work around" so to speak.

John V. Busch
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