[PyQt] QTreeView DragDropMode

Shoemaker, Ronnie A (N-UNITED SPACE ALLIANCE, LLC) ronnie.a.shoemaker at lmco.com
Mon Apr 2 23:01:49 BST 2012

I am looking at the documentation for QAbstractItemView Class.  I have created a tree view and I would like it to accept drops from a different view, but also be able to move items within itself.  None of the DragDropMode settings seem to allow that. If I set it to InternalMove it acts the way I want it to internally but doesn't accept drops from the other view. If I set it to DragDrop it only copies the items.  Do I need to override some method (like dropMimeData) to have it remove the the source item after copying it?  Or what documentation do I need to look at to figure this out?


ronnie.a.shoemaker at lmco.com

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