[PyQt] Profiling with QThreads

Martin Teichmann martin.teichmann at mbi-berlin.de
Tue Oct 4 15:54:23 BST 2011

Hi List,

> I put this operation in a QThread so that the GUI would stay responsive.
> I am now using a profiler on this application trying to see which
> calls to the server are taking most of the time.
> The problem here is that because its on a different thread the
> profiler doesn't pick up any of the calls.

his is what I'm doing for the same problem:

1. rename the method run to run_
2. add a new method run:

   def run(self):
       import cProfile
       cProfile.runctx("self.run_()", globals(), locals(), "profile.stat")

That let's you profile everything in that thread.



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