[PyQt] [sip] Can sip-4.13 be compiled with mingw32 ?

Hervé Autret Herve.Autret at angers.inra.fr
Tue Nov 22 14:34:55 GMT 2011


It's my 1st message here, so I'm sending greetings to everyone there,

I would like to compile sip-4.13 with mingw32 but I could not yet.
I use python-2.7 and gcc-4.6.1

I've edited configure.py as I could not manage to pass it an option that 
enables the correct platform. In set_defaults(), I've tried both 
"win32-g++" and "gnu"
     default_platform = "win32-g++"
     sys.platform = default_platform

In both cases the sip.exe file is built, but the siplib fails.

Anyway, the makefile tries to build the lib sip.so instead of sip.dll, 
and I think this is not the best choice for further use in the native 
windows environnement, as programs not aware of mingw mays want to link 
some code against the sip.dll.

Could you tell me which options are to be passed to mingw in order to 
make the sip.dll yielded ?

Best regards
Herve Autret
UMR Sagah
42 rue Georges Morel
49071 Beaucouze
02 41 22 56 33

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