[PyQt] Stop main window from showing when closing dialog

Mikael Modin micke.modin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 14:39:16 GMT 2011


I'm working on a background application that sometimes show a dialog in a
lower corner, most of the time it's meant to just sit queitly in the taskbar
or system tray. My problem is this; When the dialog in the corner is closed
the main window get the focus again and becomes the top window, stealing it
from whichever window had it before.

The corner window doesn't take the focus when shown which is correct. Now I
just need to stop the main window from receiving the focus when the corner
dialog is closed, or failing that loose it directly after getting it.

I tried setting parent to None when calling QDialog.__init__ for my corner
dialog but then it didn't show up at all. If anyone has any idea how to fix
this I'd greatly appreciate it.

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