[PyQt] Passing text from MainWindow to popup Dialog

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Wed Mar 23 01:17:21 GMT 2011

Store your popup as a variable in the main dialog class, (self.popup =
MyPopup()), and then later you can access that dialog using self.popup from
your main form.

On Mar 22, 2011, at 2:39 PM, James Polk <jpolk5001 at yahoo.com> wrote:

I have a scenario where my MainWindow needs to call and display
a popup Window...and while the window is open, processing continues
in the main application, and during processing needs to send a string or
two of text to the popup dialog.

I know how to call and display the popup window/dialog,..and I know how
to send the popup a line of text *before* it pops up....and I know how to
get text *back* when it closes...but I can't figure out how to
send the popup text for it to display.

I have two files....let's call them main.py and popup.py
In main.py, I do a

import popup as dialog

This works:
                dialog = popAdd.AddNewRecordDialog(stuff,None)

What I'd like to do inside of main.py is call..

                dialog.DoIt("Whatever will be, will be")

popup.py has a plainTextEdit box,...and inside a function named "DoIt"
which is currently looking like this:  (though I've tried other

    def DoIt(message,self):

I've also tried from inside main.py:


but that doesn't work either,...

Anybody got any ideas how to make this work?...
Or, if you have another suggestions, I'm all ears...


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