[PyQt] Issue with selected cells in a QTableView

simozack simozackml at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 15:39:38 GMT 2011

2011/3/22 Vicent Mas <uvemas at gmail.com>:

> it is explained in my second mail of this thread.  Vincent Van de
> Vyvre asked exactly the same. If it is not clear enough I can explain
> it again. But let me insist, even if my script was purely an academic
> exercise, without practical interest, *if it exposes a PyQt4 bug* then
> the bug has to be reported. My problem is that I'm not sure if it is a
> PyQt4 bug, a Qt4 bug or other thing. Neither I see a workaround that I
> can apply to my real code. Although I don't know C++ I've decided to
> port the script to that language and see if the problem persists. In
> that case I'll report it to Nokia. Writing C++ will be painful for me
> :-(, so if someone has more ideas please, tell me.

Maybe my poor English does another victim... :)

I don't understand why, inside the updateView method, you disconnect
and then reconnect the signal "selectionChanged". I think that that
signal isn't emitted if the model changed, but only if the user
changes the selection.

If you don't do that (disconnecting and reconnecting the signal, not
launching the updateView) do you have a not so good performarce or
what? :)


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