[PyQt] QLineEdit.placeholderText()

Ramiro Algozino algozino at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 17:58:34 GMT 2011

Hello Guys/Girls!

 My name is Ramiro Algozino and I am from San Luis, Argentina. I'm new
to the mailing list and PyQt itself. I am developing on Ubuntu 10.10
with PyQt and Qt installed from repositories (PyQt 4.7.4).

 I'm writing to you because If I set the placeholderText property of a
QLineEdit in QtDesigner, I get an "" error when I try to run the
script that uses the "ui" file.

 It seems that this property does not have bindings yet (at least in
the version I am using..) is this solved in the latest version? in
this case, when will be the latest version available in the ubuntu

I've searched the mailing list archive and didn't find mention to that
property, sorry if it's a redundant topic.

Cheers and thank you!!
Ramiro Algozino

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