[PyQt] Designer issues, WYS-is not-WYG

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Tue Jun 28 15:35:47 BST 2011

On Wed, 29 Jun 2011 12:20:25 AM James Polk wrote:
> Thanks for the responses,...
> I'll send an example UI later today, but I do use Layouts...of all kinds..
> I'll take a look at the tutorials, but I doubt it'll address what I'm
> seeing,.. which appears to me to be more of a versioning issue...or a
> difference between Python and C/C++ interpretation...
> Thanks again,
> -Jim

There are differences in "painted" icons on different OS's. I don't know if the 
differences are reflected on Designer window - probably not, as it is compiled 
program, but the differences are on the interpreted images. That is normal and 
documented, see Mark Summerfield "Rapid GUI Programming with Python and PyQt".  
My 2c worth...


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