[PyQt] licensing

Joel B. Mohler joel at kiwistrawberry.us
Fri Jun 24 13:37:01 BST 2011

On Thursday, June 23, 2011 08:08:14 pm David Boddie wrote:
> On Thu Jun 23 21:32:47 BST 2011, Joel B. Mohler wrote:
> > On Thursday, June 23, 2011 04:33:20 am Phil Thompson wrote:
> > > You haven't said what license you want to use for your code. If you use
> > > the GPL version of PyQt then your license must be compatible with the
> > > GPL.
> > 
> > Sure, that's true *while* the application uses PyQt, but what about
> > *after* PyQt is replaced with PySide?  I suppose one could argue that
> > there is some ethical commitment due to the history, but I'm not seeing
> > any commitment in a legal technical sense.  I think that after all
> > technical reliance from PyQt is replaced by technical reliance on
> > PySide, the project is free to relicense is it wishes in compliance with
> > the reliance on PySide.
> I don't think Phil said anything different to that.

No, he did not.  My source code is GPL for this very reason.  You have my 
apologies for sounding vaguely otherwise.


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