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KONTRA, Gergely pihentagy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 09:35:40 BST 2011

Hi all!

Maybe a bit offtopic and theoretical question:

Suppose I'd like to write an app in python and Qt. I evaluate the
possibilities, and see, that pyqt is more stable now, so I decide to
begin coding with it (with the free version). When I make this
decision, I already think to wait for a more complete/stable PySide
binding and distribute my code which uses PySide (with a less
restrictive license). Or I first release it with PyQt, but later on I
find PySide, which has a less restrictive license.
Is any of the above cases the violation of the License Terms? So is it
legal? Is it fair?

And consider another case: I begin to write my app with Pyside, and
later release a version with pyqt at some point. Can I later release a
newer PySide based version with license compatible with PySide (which
is not compatible with pyqt's license)?

Yet another case: I do a prototype with PyQt, and than hand-convert it
to Qt/C++.


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