[PyQt] Pylupdate4 does not parse tr(u"") ?

Giuseppe Corbelli giuseppe.corbelli at copanitalia.com
Fri Jun 10 09:52:44 BST 2011

Hi all
I have a couple of classes like these:

class CAntibiogram_AlarmData(WaspCore.Common.Alarm.CAlarmData):
    __alarm_name__ = "ALARM_Antibiogram_Table"
    __defaults__ = {
        'name': None,
        'address': (1602, 0x4000),
        'description': tr("Sezione allarmi TAVOLA ANTIBIOGRAMMA"),
        'section_name': _section_name,
        'section_description': tr("Tavola Antibiogramma"),
        'active': False

class C1667_0AlarmData(WaspCore.Common.Alarm.CAlarmData):
    __alarm_name__ = "ALARM_1667.0"
    __defaults__ = {
        'name': None,
        'address': (1667, 0x0001),
        'description': tr(u"Richiesto ciclo con brodi di arricchimento"),
        'section_name': _section_name,
        'section_description': tr(u"Tavola Antibiogramma"),
        'active': True

When I run
pylupdate4 -verbose WaspCore/Alarms/BATable.py -ts test.ts
I get
Updating 'test.ts'...
    Found 2 source texts (0 new and 2 already existing)

So it seems that pylupdate4 does NOT parse tr(u"") stuff. Is it by design?
Sorry but I can't dive into it at present.

Python 2.6.6
QT 4.7.1
PyQt 4.8.3
Linux 2.6

            Giuseppe Corbelli
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