[PyQt] Qt Contributors Summit

Linos info at linos.es
Thu Jun 9 10:00:01 BST 2011

> What's wanted is the ability to replace QML/JavaScript with something that
> calls the same public C++ API that QML/JavaScript does. I don't have a
> problem if, at this stage, it isn't possible to define that API, and I am
> more than happy to contribute to the development of Qt5 to make sure it is
> suitable for Python/Python. I do have a problem if, by the time Qt5 is
> released, that API hasn't been properly designed and documented. If that is
> too "difficult" then QML2 is being rushed - just like QML1 was.
> Phil

Hi Phil,
	there was an interesting thread in qt5-feedback mailing list about the c++ api 
to QML, you can read it here 
http://lists.qt.nokia.com/pipermail/qt5-feedback/2011-May/000162.html and maybe 
you could join this mailing-list and start discussing how this api should be, 
the people at Nokia are joining the threads and listening the developers i think 
(or replying them almost).

Miguel Angel.

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