[PyQt] Qt Contributors Summit

Attila Csipa pyqt at csipa.in.rs
Thu Jun 9 07:35:19 BST 2011

On Thursday 09 June 2011 00:37:38 you wrote:
> implementation, ie. QML. What I certainly want is a public C++ API to the
> underlying code that QML sits on top of so that alternative declarative
> solutions can be implemented.

Wouldn't that be the QtDeclarative module ? I believe the issue with a lower 
level access is that if a public API is provided, it must be supported. The 
compatibility promise is currently on the QML level - and even there, QML 
moves so quickly that you have explicit versioning to avoid incompatibilities. 
A good example is the current move from QML1 to QML2 - while the QML syntax in 
pretty much the same, the underlying C++ code got a massive overhaul. If you 
used the fact that it's on top of QGraphicsView, you could be in trouble, as 
scenegraph is a very different beast.

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Attila Csipa

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