[PyQt] Images not showing in WebView after cx_Freeze

Mikael Modin micke.modin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 03:10:08 GMT 2011


I'm currently developing a small tool for taking and sending
screnshots, time-reporting for freelancers, and am using cx_Freeze to
avoid having the users install python, pyqt and all other

The problem I'm having is that after running the code through
cx_Freeze images on a web page doesn't seem to work.
1) All I get is the grey box with a question mark inside of it.
2) The same setup works when I run the python code by itself without cx_Freeze.
3) Loading a local html-page that just contains an img-tag works fine,
so the actual image loading and showing seem to work fine. Loading
Google and that works, so images over network work fine. The server
send the images in png format.

These three combined leave me very confused. Has anybody else had any
similar trouble?

Kind regards,

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