[PyQt] Programmer Job Re-Opened

Kerri Reno kreno at yumaed.org
Tue Aug 16 17:26:52 BST 2011

You may remember seeing this job before, it has been re-opened.  Please
feel free to contact me with questions.

Yuma Union High School District <http://www.yumaunion.org>`__ (Yuma, AZ,

**Job Description**: Small, dedicated team in the process of creating
a School District Financial, Payroll and Human Resources system is
looking for 2 additional programmers. Our environment consists of:

* Python
* Qt
* PostgreSQL
* DevOps Shop
* Agile Development


* Must be eligible to work in the United States
* Python Programming experience
* Qt experience
* Linux experience
* availability of high-speed internet connection


* School district or state or municipal government experience
* Linux Server(Debian/Ubuntu)

**About YUHSD**

Here at Yuma Union High School District we recognize the importance of
the high school years to each student's future success. Our teachers,
staff, administration, and local community dedicate themselves to
helping each of our district's students achieve their potential by
laying a foundation that they will build on throughout their lives.

Behind the scenes of teachers and students, there's a lot of
day-to-day business involved in keeping the financial aspects of the
district running smoothly. *Our team is involved with providing
computer based tools for the financial, payroll and human resources
departments so that they can concentrate on the aspects of their jobs
that cannot be automated.*

All contracts are awarded for a single fiscal year. While many times
the contract is renewed each year, that is not always the case. Our
fiscal year is from June through July.

**Contact Info:**

* **Contact**: Erika Wagner, Human Resources Department
* **Phone**: 928-502-4600
* **Email**: ewagner at yumaed.org
* **Web** http://www.yumaunion.org
* **To apply** http://www.yumaunion.org/filestore/yumaunionclass-inter11.pdf
* **Job Description**
* **Telecommuting OK**

Please send problems and questions to cases at yuhsd.fogbugz.com.
If you have an emergency, and can't reach me, please call Craig at
928-257-4980 or the help desk at 928-502-4202.
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Yuma Educational Computer Consortium
Compass Development Team
Kerri Reno
kreno at yumaed.org      (928) 502-4240
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