[PyQt] Wrapping a C++ class with SIP

Vipul Raheja vipul.iiith at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 21:05:50 BST 2011


I am facing a problem while wrapping a C++ class with SIP. This class
inherits another non-standard user-defined class and not the standard Qt
classes like QLabel etc. as given in the examples. When I try to compile it,
it gives me the following error:

vipul at vipul-laptop:~/ossim-svn/src/pyossim/sip/current$ python config.py
sip: ossimPlanetQtLegendItem has not been defined
Error: Unable to open "./pyossim.sbf"

Here is the class I am trying to wrap: http://paste.debian.net/125806/
And this is the corresponding SIP file: http://paste.debian.net/125817/

Also, I had another doubt. How do I wrap #ifndef, #define, #endif macro
definitions using SIP?

Kindly help.

Thanks and Regards,
Vipul Raheja
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