[PyQt] Trying insert image into QTableWidget

Tony Peña emperor.cu at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 17:06:14 BST 2011

Hi i trying set logoimage into cell of QtableWidget

all code runs ok but can't see the image in the table

i try with .gif and .png files

any idea?

heres the code:

./airlines/ (many logosfiles in ABC.gif and ABC.png)
if exist show up ifnot just say the code of aircraft

            code_airline = row[0][:3]
            airlineCodePath = './airlines/%s.png' % code_airline
                if os.path.exists(airlineCodePath) is True:
                    image = QtGui.QIcon(QtGui.QPixmap(airlineCodePath))
                    airline = QtGui.QTableWidgetItem(image)
                    col_airline = QtGui.QTableWidgetItem(airline, 0)
                    self.ui.PILOT_FullList.Seti(startrow, 1, code_airline)

                    code_airline = '-'
                    col_airline = QtGui.QTableWidgetItem(code_airline, 0)
                    self.ui.PILOT_FullList.setItem(startrow, 0, col_airline)


thanxs any way by all

Antonio Peña
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