[PyQt] Error buliding QScintilla 2.2 Python bindings

Darryl Wallace darryl.wallace at prosensus.ca
Wed Jan 27 14:15:24 GMT 2010


I'm trying to build QScintilla 2.2 (same error occurs with 2.3) with Python
bindings.  I am using Windows MSVC2008, Qt 4.5.3, PyQt4.4.4.
QScintilla builds properly.  The QScintilla C++ example builds and runs.

When running nmake on the Python bindings, it raises an error in the file
sipQsciQsciCommandSet.cpp on line 106.  Error C2065 'QSciCommandList' :
Undeclared identifier.

After sifting through some header files, I am unable to find any reference
to QsciCommandList.

Any ideas?

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