[PyQt] Trouble reading a model index from an "untouched" combo box

Claudio Felix felix.claudio at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 11:08:13 GMT 2010

2010/1/27 Andreas Pakulat <apaku at gmx.de>:
> On 26.01.10 17:41:40, Demetrius Cassidy wrote:
>> I don't think you need to use the view pointer at all - it's
>> returning QAbstractItemView *, which I would assume it would need to
>> be casted to the proper class in C++. If that's so, by design the
>> Abstract class will return an invalid index.
> I don't think so ;) The function currentIndex on the view is not
> virtual, so its implemented in the abstract class already properly.
> And to get a model index to index into the model its easier to ask the
> view for it, rather than constructing it yourself with model->index(
> combobox->currentIndex(), <model-column>, QModelIndex())
> Andreas


That was the way I was thinking when I tried the code in the beggining
of this thread.. but I'm still stuck retrieving an invalid index if I
don't at least click on the combo box (if I do click on it I get a
valid index just fine).

If you take a look at the code, my intent was to get the ITEM_ID
field, which is the table's primary key which corresponds to the item
selected on the combo box. Since I have the model for the table
already, I found natural to use it for displaying the ITEM_NAME field
on the combo box, so I would get the selected item model index from
its view to get the ITEM_ID from the table model and use it to
optionally filter data on a subsequent SQL Query. I'm intrigued by
this QComboBox behavior, for the model was given a "select()" before
being associated to it, so I think it should return a valid index.


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